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Water Management Solutions, from #TanktoTap

COP26 showed us that the Powers That Be can’t provide an instant fix and so we have reached the time when preservation of water has become the responsibility of everyone. Doing good for the environment can also be a good thing for Merchants’ bottom lines. By incorporating environmentally conscious products, you are not only contributing to lowering emissions, but are benefitting from the added value sales your customers and their customers are looking for. It is for this exact reason that Cistermiser Keraflo’s entire merchant product range focuses on effective and efficient water savings.


Tank-to-Tap starts with the Keraflo Tanktronic tank management and our range of Aylesbury Mechanical Tank Valves. This is the often the moment water starts its journey into a building and it is essential that it is stored safely and efficiently. With today’s current environment of flexible working and shifting office occupancies, the challenges of maintaining that water healthily can be significant. In these spaces, tanks, often with a capacity in excess of 20,000 litres, run the risk of having vast quantities of water simply sitting still.

If these levels aren’t being monitored or controlled in any way, this creates a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. The single most important thing with a water storage tank is that the water should be turned over every 24 hours as a minimum. This is where the unique WRAS approved Tanktronic from Keraflo comes into its own. Designed to work in harmony with the Keraflo Aylesbury Valves as a tank monitoring system or with the Electro-Mechanical Filling Valve for monitoring and filling. The Tanktronic is a modular electronic tank management system, which provides a simple solution to monitoring water levels, volume and temperature through one connection.


Not only do they improved hygiene within commercial bathroom settings, but infrared controlled water management solutions also save water and energy. Cistermiser’s Electronic IRC® urinal control utilises motion-activated infrared technology to operate the valves, only releasing water when needed to avoid unnecessary water usage. They can reduce water consumption by up to a staggering 80%.

Before the beginning of last year, how many of us were aware of the number of contact points we have each day?  Doorhandles, tables, chairs, tools, pens, phones, gym equipment … the list goes on and on, and all of those touchpoints happen subconsciously.  When we touch our faces 16 times an hour on average, the potential health implications are significant.

New taps and showers

The latest addition to the Cistermiser tank-to-tap solution is the Vecta+ Shower range. Available with either hygienic non-touch sensor configuration with the Vecta+ Sensor Shower Panel, and a robust mechanical solution without power requirement, push-button configuration with the Vecta+ Mechanical Shower Panel. Regardless of which design is chosen, they are both fitted with a ~30 second default safety shut-off, increasing the water usage efficiency, and prevents costly flooding risk or wasted water.

The Vecta+ Sensor Tap range comes range comes in three designs: Vecta+ Sensor Spout, Vecta+ Sensor Tap, and Vecta+ Sensor Mixer Tap, all of which are compatible with environmental building schemes like BREEAM. As people have become acutely aware, we need to lessen the times we touch a surface outside of our homes. Infrared taps are a certain way of doing that and minimising the transfer of pathogens.

Bringing it all together

The final step of the Tank-to-Tap offering is the powerful Sensazone Washroom Control, a management system for water, lights and fans in commercial washrooms which is specifically designed to prevent water wastage, eliminate the risk of flooding in vacant periods, and reduce utility bills by shutting off power and water in times of inactivity.

Doing good, being good, having good are not mutually exclusive. Merchants can contribute to the Green Agenda whilst supporting their customers, and Cistermiser Keraflo are proud to be offering products that in turn support Merchants’ goals.





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