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Our Mission

Guided by our leadership team, 35 friendly and talented staff handle all aspects of Cistermiser and Keraflo product design, marketing, technical sales support, order processing, quality control, manufacturing and despatch.

Our collective aim is simple – to provide the best possible customer service in the supply of high quality, long-lasting and reliable products that conserve water and deliver unbeatable value for money.

Richard Braid

Managing Director

“In addition to our established core products, our mission is to introduce intelligent new products that not only control the flow of water but also capture informative data to provide detailed and insightful analysis. With these enhanced features we can help customers to take control and increase efficiency, cut overall costs, reduce risk and manage valuable water resources in a sustainable way.”

David Meacock

Technical Director

“We continually focus on combining engineering excellence with innovation. Rigorous processes underpin our ISO.9001:2015 certification and provide the structural framework for everything we do. Our very latest water management concepts include service-based offerings for commercial building owners, to complement our proven product designs.”

Giles Townsend

Finance Director

“We are proud to be British manufacturing companies. Investment and vision are key to ongoing success. Despatches for our long-standing Trade partners are supported using the latest CRM and enterprise software platforms, while new digital distribution channels open up exciting possibilities for the future.”

Your World Is Water

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