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Touchless Washrooms

Cistermiser Novatap delivers water savings and increased hygiene in COVID19 times for on-campus commercial washrooms

Hygiene levels are a critical consideration for all commercial washrooms in today’s COVID19 environment. Washrooms are an essential provision for any campus and finding a way to significantly reduce the contamination and spread of pathogens is hugely important. The reduction of touch points in areas such as washrooms is a highly effective way of minimising this risk and the installation of infrared, no-touch taps is one of the best ways of doing so.

A recent project in Edinburgh in partnership with global commercial real estate services company, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), and procured through Wolseley, was undertaken by Project and Facilities Managers, JLL with contractor, Integral UK Ltd, to upgrade and refurbish all washroom taps across the Lochside View campus to no-touch technology. As the washroom taps were considered a high-touch point, the purpose was to eliminate the need for any contact when washing hands and therefore aiding in the reduction of spreading COVID19 and other illnesses.

Over the space of two months, a total of 69 taps throughout the campus were replaced with the Cistermiser Novatap range which was selected by the central engineering team for all sites.

Matt Dixon, Cistermiser Technical Sales Manager, comments: “Cistermiser is delighted to have been able to solve the client’s problem of unnecessary touch points across their sites and increase peace of mind during COVID19 times and were also able to provide the additional advantage of reducing water waste: the Novatap can only be activated when hands are placed in front of the infrared sensor which means there are no taps left running.

“This project has benefited all levels of the supply chain and has ultimately delivered exactly what the client asked for. Cistermiser is thrilled that the client is happy with the project and very glad to have been able to improve the hygiene levels and ultimately the safety for those using the Lochside View campus’ facilities.”





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