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Continuing to bring confidence to the High Street shopping trip with Loocations

Cistermiser Ltd.’s partnership with crowd-sourced public washroom map service,, is continuing after lockdown has lifted. Both Cistermiser and are hoping to encourage people to get out and about supporting their local communities without the limitations of not having access to public washrooms., previously Lockdown Loo, provides a freely available, interactive map that pinpointing the locations of 6,000 open and available public washrooms and has been used by 13 million+ visitors since its creation in 2020.


Richard Braid, Cistermiser MD, comments, “Through our lobbying work and close collaboration with trade associations like the BMA, Cistermiser has always been vocal in championing the role of public and commercial washrooms. However, we wanted to take this one step further and formed the partnering with Their high-profile consumer brand has allowed us to increase our traction to help our lobbying work, raise awareness of Cistermiser, strengthen our commercial profile and ultimately open up new sales opportunities in our target commercial washroom sector. This sponsorship forms part of our strategy to stimulate engagement and increase our reach across industry stakeholders, gain valuable market insights and help to foster well-being across the UK. If people know a public loo is available, they will go shopping – we need to support our beleaguered High Streets!”


During the nation’s first lockdown last year, the lack of public washrooms was noted by Tom and Charles Riley. Tom, co-founder, comments, “We started as a fun and useful resource for those close to us. As a result of the remarkable public uptake, we very quickly realised that it was so much more than that. When one finds oneself being interviewed by BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 and the MailOnline to name a few, it becomes very evident how negative the of impact public washroom closures was on those who needed them most and what a vital role public toilets play – especially older people, those living with illnesses or with young children – to keep people out and about safely and hygienically. We’re absolutely delighted to have teamed up with Cistermiser. Their support has meant we have been able announce new initiatives that will mean the resource becomes a permanent online fixture.” is available on their website and their map can be saved into your Google Maps for future reference when you are out shopping or enjoying a trip in the outdoors.


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