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LinkThru to Water Safety With the Right Water Management System

Cistermiser, the UK’s leading provider of commercial washroom water management solutions, is concerned that with the recent discoveries of Legionella in public spaces such as Thameslink’s trains, collectively we’re not doing enough to protect the public from water-born pathogens in spaces such as offices, hotels,schools and  leisure centres, all of which are opening up but still require flexible occupancy. Although Thameslink has rectified the problem and issued statements assuring the safety of their trains, it is alarming that legionella is being found in such spaces so accessible to the general public.


Richard Braid, MD of Cistermiser, feels there isn’t the necessary urgency surrounding maintaining watersafety in commercial spaces. “To hear that legionella has been found on public trains is hugely concerning and is a clear example of why traditional manual water temperature checking is an ineffective process of maintaining water safety. What is needed to maintain water safety, is a solution that eradicates human fallibility through remotely monitoring water temperature and flow rates constantly.  Cistermiser LinkThru is that product.

“Cistermiser LinkThru Temperature Monitoring Unit (TMU) harnesses the Internet of Things by fitting onto a pipe with an access point, behind a panel, under a sink or washbasin, in a sluice, or by a boiler. The TMU incorporates an aerial and two ports to which cables connect and are then attached at the other end to the outlet pipework. Each port can take two readings, for instance from hot and cold water pipes. Once fixed it’s live and taking a reading every 10 seconds. It sends this data to ‘the cloud’ hourly with useful information such as maximum and minimum temperatures and all flow events, such as taps being turned on. The system uses the Sigfox network, a long range, low-power, low bandwidth, wireless technology, already established throughout Europe and the UK. When coupled with Tanktronic tank management system from our sister company, Keraflo, what you have is a Tank-to-Tap system that protects the public.


“Water safety starts at the water tank and with correct tank management. The Keraflo Tanktronic is an advanced electronic tank management system that monitors and maintains water levels temperatures so that bacteria cannot develop. When paired with the Cistermiser LinkThru TMU, the innovative Internet-of-Things powered, remote real-time monitoring system that monitors water temperatures, companies are covered from Tank-to-Tap.”


Cistermiser is committed to providing products that ensure the highest levels of water safety so that commercial and public washrooms are safe to use for everyone.


For more information on the new tap range, visit and, and call 0118 969 1611.






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