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Keraflo’s New CPD Details Solutions for Cold Water Storage Tank Management

Water efficiency specialist Keraflo has launched a new CPD learning module entitled: “Advances in Cold Water Storage Tank Management”.

The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, which replaced long-established Water Byelaws dating back to 1823, were introduced to put firm legislation in place to govern the design and installation of water storage systems.

This CPD fully discusses the design issues and legal imperatives around this important compliance requirement and describes how the latest electronic tank management solutions, combining both control and monitoring of stored water supplies, can deliver significant advantages for management of commercial buildings in the 21st century.

Key considerations include water storage principles, tank design parameters, fluid categories of risk, types of airgap and evaluation of mechanical float valve versus electronic sensor solutions for control of cold water storage tanks in buildings large and small, including comparison of cost, maintenance and flood-risk mitigation.

1 and a half hours in duration with an interactive Q&A to close the session, this CPD learning module from Keraflo is presented in “short seminar” format and approved by 3 third party organisations: The CPD Certification Service, RIBA and CIBSE.

To request a CPD presentation, please send an email to or contact Keraflo on 0118 921 9920.

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