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Customer feedback of 4.8 out of 5 ain’t bad!

With the world slowly returning to normal and business picking up across the board, it seems we’re faced with a new challenge in the UK: reports of drops in levels of service in many sectors due to supply chain issues and difficulties in recruiting to fill vacancies.

At Cistermiser, we’ve planned ahead as far as possible and hold significant stock levels for our merchant and installer customers; and as UK-based manufacturers of many of our own product lines, we aren’t beholden to the supply chain in ways that others are, so large volume specification contracts are straight-forward and fast for us to fulfil too.

But it’s easy for us to say we think we’re getting it right, when in fact, the most important thing is to ask and listen to what our customers think. That’s why we proactively conduct customer satisfaction every month, and to make it easy, the research is carried out independently by SMS.

We ask customers to mark us out of a score of 5 (5 high, 1 low) on How likely they would be to recommend our service. In the face of the challenges facing the sector, we were extra-delighted this month to receive a fantastic 4.8 out of 5 rating. Well done to the whole team, and of course thank you to our customers for taking time to provide feedback.






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