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COP26: One Step Greener

The last three decades have seen governing bodies from around the world come together in their global Conference of Parties (COP) climate summits. With many believing this year’s COP26 to be the last chance to get a clear, global roadmap to the reduction in the climate crisis, we are excited to see such a powerful show of commitment.


#OneStepGreener is one of the hashtags the UK Government is using in the lead up to COP26, with the question being asked, “What can you do to go one step greener?”


Regardless of which industry you’re in, water management is an essential element in the fight to get climate change under control. It is arguably our most valuable resource, essential for life. Commercially, wasted water costs insurance companies in the UK alone a whopping £800 million pounds each year, and when we widen the scope and look things on a global scale, it is estimated that there are a devastating 7.7 trillion litres of water wasted around the globe, every year.


So, the question that we too can ask ourselves is, what one step can be made within our commercial buildings and washrooms to ensure we aren’t contributing to this vast loss of water?


Richard Braid, MD of Cistermiser, believes that efficient water management in commercial washrooms is essential. He comments, “In almost every commercial building in the country there is a washroom, whether gendered or gender-neutral, and they physically cannot function without water. It is the collective responsibility of everyone in the supply chain to ensure that there is an effective and efficient water management solution, and that that solution is put into place either when a building is specified, designed, constructed, or is retrofitted and refurbished. For example, one company can save thousands of litres of water simply by reconsidering what urinal control is fitted to into their commercial washrooms.


“Cistermiser has a long-standing commitment to water savings and that is a central design feature when it comes to our urinal controls. The Infrared Control Value IRC®, is a motion-sensing infrared urinal flushing control valve that uses a P.I.R. sensor to detect movement which in turn activates the solenoid valve, allowing water into the urinal cistern. By installing these urinal control valves, water consumption is reduced by over 80%.


“The other truly powerful solution Cistermiser can offer businesses and FM’s is our Sensazone Washroom Control Solution. Sensazone can be tailored to control the services needed in each washroom. The infrared P.I.R. sensors pick up body movement which then triggers the activation of water and electrical services, as well as the room’s in-built fan. This means that, when the room is not being used, there is no water wastage nor any power usage.


Richard Braid concludes, “The UK’s commitment to NetZero may be set at 2050, but the changes that will allow us to reach that, and to avoid the 1.5 degree rise in temperature must start now. Water management is part of that solution. Please consider how you can contribute to this averting of further crisis through changing how your business manages its water.”


We all have, as individuals, a responsibility to do what we can when it comes to fighting climate change. At Cistermiser we are proud to have placed the environment and water waste reduction as a central tenet of our company, and we are eagerly anticipating the outcome of this year’s COP26.






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