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Certainty within Uncertainty – extended 10-year warranty on Vecta+ showers

Cistermiser introduces an exceptional 10-year warranty to the Vecta+ shower panel range

We are delighted to announce the introduction of our exceptional 10-year warranty across the entire Vecta+ shower panel range. With uncertainty more or less the status quo across many parts of the construction environment supply chain, the need to offer a sense of security is becoming ever more important. Furthermore, Cistermiser’s passion to contribute positively to the industry’s sustainability commitments is at the forefront of what we do and is further endorsed by the introduction of this warranty.

Our guarantee to you

When a new product is brought to market, it is the culmination of years of planning, investment and R&D. The product’s journey, though, is only truly complete when the customer is able to appreciate it, alongside assurances that the time and effort a company has invested, is going to result in a reliable, guaranteed product. When 42% of consumers are willing to choose one product over another because of the warranty, and a significant 32% will not purchase a product without a warranty, to be able to offer a 10-year warranty is testament to the workmanship, which offers a confidence our customers truly value.*.

All the benefits AND peace of mind

The Vecta+ shower panels offer a host of benefits to the complete supply chain: for installers, they’re easy to fit, arriving pre-plumbed and suitable for mains or battery power; for merchants, ; for facilities managers and building owners, they are efficient and prevent costly flooding risk or water wastage with a ~30 second default safety shut-off as standard, as well as being easy to maintain thanks to the patented 42 pin shower head nozzle proven to reduce scale damage. And for the end-user, thanks to great aesthetics of the concealed fixings and slim panel body, combined with a ‘rain effect’ shower head nozzle, they offer an enjoyable showering experience. The new shower range also comes with the optional extra of Cistermiser’s new WRAS approved TMV3 (Thermostatic mixer valve), an essential piece of the pipework that protects users from scalding hot water.

A stitch in time saves 10

Installing a product that comes with an extended warranty as standard makes economic sense, because it’s not just about the peace-of-mind around performance that extended warranties provide. When a product is offered with a 10-year warranty, it means they naturally have a low failure rate with minimal down-time. Not only does this reduce the volumes of raw materials required to repair failed units when needed , but it also saves time    during removal and retrofitting of replacement units. While working with our customers to bring this range to market, sustainability is at the top of their agenda: the role that efficient water solutions can play in the fight against climate change has never been more important.


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