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New videos from Keraflo detail the advantages of Tanktronic SCV

Two videos are now available online which highlight the advantages of Keraflo’s innovative Tanktronic Servo Ceramic Valve (SCV).

The first video details sequential installation, with step-by-step captions to guide Building Services Engineers and professional installers when fitting an SCV inside a cold water storage tank as an integral part of a Tanktronic electronic tank management system.

The second video features Cistermiser and Keraflo Technical Sales Manager Tim Harris, who presents the key features and benefits of the SCV to deliver a concise overview of the product.

Connected to a Tanktronic Control Unit and incorporating Keraflo’s proven brass bodied valve with ceramic disc sealing parts, the SCV features a high torque electric motor which efficiently opens and closes the filling valve as required.

Quiet in operation with low power consumption, the SCV runs a self-cleaning maintenance routine and diagnostic functions include a data log of usage and cleaning cycles. Straightforward to install and commission, the SCV is designed to efficiently match tank capacity to demand, with adjustable filling level parameters based on the size of the tank and water consumption needs.

“The SCV is optimised for Tanktronic system applications and the range of 5 valve size options, varying from ¾” up to 2” to cater for differing tank flow rate requirements, is proving popular with specifiers” says Mark Schlotel, Marketing Manager at Cistermiser and Keraflo. “This intelligent motorised filling valve is compact yet robust and provides a modern alternative to traditional design solutions featuring inline control valves and Keraflo Aylesbury delayed action mechanical float valves.”

The new videos can be readily accessed on YouTube by simply searching for Keraflo or Tanktronic SCV.

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