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Keraflo extends Tanktronic range with introduction of Servo Ceramic Valve

Keraflo, the UK’s leading water efficiency specialist, has taken tank management to the next level by introducing a Servo Ceramic Valve to its market-leading cold water storage tank monitoring system, Tanktronic.

The Tanktronic Servo Ceramic Valve (SCV) introduces new intelligent diagnostic features, while the unique motorised filling of cold water storage tanks eliminates hydraulic shock and includes a self-cleaning function for minimal maintenance.

The Tanktronic SCV is optimised for Tanktronic tank management system applications and uses a highly efficient high-torque electric motor to open and close the filling valve.

Able to send alarms to a Building Management System, the Tanktronic system’s electronic Control Unit is linked to a sensor assembly that is suspended at full depth inside the water storage tank.

The sensor continuously monitors water levels and temperatures, feeding back data and automatically opening and closing the Tanktronic SCV as required, to maintain stored water levels in line with pre-set operating parameters tailored to the building’s needs.

The Tanktronic Control Unit’s user-friendly interface allows installers to easily set the filling valve close level, fill delay, alarm high / low and temperature high / low specifications.

David Meacock, Technical Director at Keraflo, says: “Unlike other filling valves, the Tanktronic SCV is able to maintain itself with self-diagnostics. The benefits of this are numerous, as not only does it have an auto-clean function that resists the build-up of debris, but it also notifies the user of any potential issues.

“In the instance where the water level drops below, or rises above, the assigned parameters, a two-stage precaution process takes place, first raising an alarm to the user, and then launching an automatic override function if the alarm is not responded to.”

Ideal for pumped systems, the adjustable delayed action and the smooth open-to-closed valve operation ensures that no incidence of hydraulic shock or water hammer will occur. The durable and robust ceramic disc mechanism means there is no seal or washer wear and tear, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

David continues: “The introduction of the Tanktronic SCV comes as we enter a new era at Keraflo, having modernised our brand identity and product offerings in line with changing market demands.

“The intelligent design efficiently matches tank capacity to demand, meaning water turnover is maximised. Waterproof and corrosion resistant, this compact tank filling device is easy to fit and designed to stand the test of time.”

The Tanktronic SCV is WRAS-approved and fully compliant with Water Regulations. Five models are available to cater for varying pipe sizes, ranging from ¾” up to 2”.

For more information on Keraflo’s range of industry-leading cold water tank management systems and float valves, please visit

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