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Keraflo Delayed Action Float Valve Case Study

Keraflo Delayed Action Float Valve installation delivers perfect solution for managing cold water supplies as part of a Tank-toTap water management solution during fluctuating building occupancy levels.


With building occupancies and usage at an all-time low, and uncertainty about future demand forcing organisations to build in flexibility, it’s absolutely critical that cold water supplies in our commercial, educational and leisure facilities are kept as safe as possible. When it comes to tank management, whether buildings are busy or quiet, this means installing the right valves to cope with fluctuating use and reduce the risk of stagnation and water borne diseases during periods of lower occupancy.

Working with our partner Echo Square Services, leading specialist building services contractor to the water treatment & building services industry, an international property consultancy was recently given a cost effective and durable solution to the issue of flexing building usage. The project included the refurbishment and relining of four sectional galvanised steel cold water storage tanks, the butyl linings of which had reached the end of their life. The valves chosen for the refurb of four tanks were the patented Keraflo Delayed Action Aylesbury KB float valves.

Keraflo Aylesbury Type Fully Variable Delayed Action Float Valves are ideal to provide an accurate and efficient method of controlling the level of stored water in cold water storage tanks without a lid or raised chamber, and where the vertical drop from the valve to the water level may be considerable. When the water level inside the tank falls, the valve does not immediately open. There is a delay until the water level has fallen to the user-selected level and only then does the valve move from a fully closed to a fully open position, allowing water to flow back into the tank at a maximum flow rate. Operated by transfer of weight in an actuator tube, this single delayed close or open action, rather than a gradual action achieved with a conventional ball valve, makes it especially suitable for use in buildings with fluctuating occupancy. Changes in water levels and settings can be made quickly and easily with no tools required.

Never has the need for flexible solutions been more acute with many areas of building management having to flex capacity easily to match demand. As with all Keraflo products, the KB Type Fully Variable Delayed Action Float Valves are precision engineered to last and score highly on the green agenda while keeping cold water supplies fresh and healthy.

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