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The advantages of IoT monitoring technology are fully detailed on

Cistermiser’s new website dedicated to IoT water temperature and flow monitoring provides full details on the many practical advantages that are delivered by this innovative use of technology.

Over 35 years of service to the UK construction industry, the Cistermiser name has become synonymous with proven and reliable products that control water outlets in commercial washroom environments, as well as Combimate limescale prevention devices for domestic applications. Now the company’s latest product introduction, LinkThru TMU, sees the Cistermiser brand enter new market sectors with practical and compelling solutions for NHS Estates, University Engineering and Facilities Management professionals. is designed to provide a full briefing on the benefits of installing LinkThru TMU (Temperature Monitoring Unit) hardware at selected sentinel points across a building’s water system, to capture and then access 24/7 remote monitoring data on water temperatures and flow events via a secure cloud-based portal.

“LinkThru TMU helps to ensure Building Owner compliance with HSG274 and reduce risk of Legionella,” says Cistermiser’s Marketing Manager, Mark Schlotel. “To that end, we’ve carefully structured our new user-friendly website to clarify essential legal requirements and then explain in detail just how and why remote monitoring delivers factual insights to inform and empower Facilities Managers and really put them in control of their commercial building water systems.”

“Technical videos, a comprehensive series of ‘How to…’ Guides and useful downloads to assist with specification and purchasing of TMU hardware and monthly data subscription services are all included,” continues Mark. “IoT monitoring is definitely the way forward and provides the digital home for this exciting technology, with everything you need to know stored in one place.”

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