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Limescale prevention is explained on a brand new Combimate website

Combimate, Cistermiser’s proven and popular limescale prevention device, is presented on an eye-catching new website ( which has been designed to appeal to housing specifiers, installers and homeowner customers alike.

Available in a choice of models for 15mm or 2mm pipework, Combimate keeps domestic water systems clear of limescale and energy costs down. Combimate is WRAS approved and uses Combiphos spheres to efficiently dose the water, as required. This 100% safe, food-grade natural material stops scale build-up on taps, boilers and appliances.

The new website explains the benefits of phosphate dosing in detail, with helpful FAQs and informative User Guides to ensure that consumers get the most out of their Combimate, which is commonly installed to prevent limescale formation in hard water areas but will also reduce the effects of soft water corrosion.

“Our new Combimate website is fully-responsive, so it looks great on all device formats including mobiles and tablets” says Cistermiser’s Marketing Manager Mark Schlotel. “The improved webstore functionality is definitely a big step forward. We now offer increased payment options with rapid emailing of order acknowledgments back to purchasers. Homeowner customers who have previously registered an installed Combimate for extended warranty cover can also conveniently purchase their Combiphos refill pack online, at a special discount price.”

Combimate can be fitted to provide limescale protection for whole house water supplies (which requires an annual top-up of a complete 800g refill bag of Combiphos) or single appliances such as a combi boiler (which requires half a refill bag of Combiphos to top-up the unit each year). Cistermiser is happy to provide a “reminder service” on request, with a choice of postal letter or email sent on a chosen calendar month to remind homeowners to keep their Combimate topped-up for optimum performance.

“In the past we have sold Combiphos refills online together with essential spare parts,” continues Mark, “but now homeowners have the option of purchasing a brand new Combimate unit directly from us, the manufacturer. Most consumers prefer to employ a professional to fit their Combimate, but installation is a straightforward task for capable DIY-ers with a sound grasp of basic plumbing skills.”

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